Key Statistics

Parameters Information
Date of State creation November 1, 1966
Capital Chandigarh
Geographical Area (sq. km) 44,212 (~1.3% of total area of India)
Towns 154
Villages 6,841
Population 25.3 million
(~2.1% of total population of India)
Density of Population 573 per sq. km.
Literacy Rate 75.55%
Gross State Domestic Product
(GSDP) at Current Prices (2014-15)
Rs. 4,35,310 crore (~US$ 67 billion)
Contribution of the State in
the National GDP
GSDP growth rate (2014-15) 7.8%
Sectoral Composition of GSDP Agriculture/Allied – 14.1%
Industries – 27.0%
Services – 58.9%
Per Capita Income Rs. 1,47,076 (~US$ 2,260)
Power - Total Installed Generation Capacity More than 10,000 MW

Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) of Haryana

Year GSDP (Rs. million) [at constant (2004-05) prices] GSDP (Rs. million) [at current prices]
2014-15 21,51,452 43,53,100
2013-14 19,96,568 38,89,166
2012-13 18,66,428 34,13,511
2011-12 17,69,169 29,86,883
2010-11 16,37,702 26,06,212

State GDP Growth Rate

Year GDP Growth rate [at constant (2004-05) prices]
2014-15 7.8%
2013-14 7.0%
2012-13 5.5%
2011-12 8.0%
2010-11 7.4%

Average Annual Growth rate of State and National GDP

Period Average Annual Growth Rate
India Haryana
1970-71 to 1979-80 3.13% 4.06%
1980-81 to 1989-90 5.89% 7.01%
1990-91 to 1999-2000 5.74% 5.28%
2000-01 to 2009-10 7.37% 8.95%
2010-11 to 2013-14 6.20% 6.99%

State Per Capital Income

Year Per Capital Income (Rs.) [at constant (2004-05) prices] Per Capital Income (Rs.) [at current prices]
2014-15 71,493 1,47,076
2013-14 67,260 1,33,427
2012-13 64,052 1,19,833
2011-12 61,716 1,06,320
2010-11 57,797 93,852

Exports from the State

Year Export (Rs. In Crore)
2013-14 68,032
2012-13 59,806
2011-12 54,991
2010-11 48,529
2009-10 43,031

About Haryana Economy

Contribution to National Economy - The economic growth of Haryana has been exemplary since its creation as a separate State. The State economy grew at a growth rate higher than the Indian economy during most of the period. Though, Haryana is geographically a small State, the contribution of the State in the National Gross Domestic Product is nearly 3.5%.

Manufacturing Hub - Haryana is known for its vibrant agrarian economy and strong industrial base and is amongst the front runners of Industrial development in India that is showcased with its leading position in production of a number of industrial / consumer goods i.e. nearly 80% of escalators, 52% of cranes, 50% of cars and 33% of two-wheelers are manufactured in the State. The State enjoys its proximity to national capital along with access to international airport and network of national highways passing through the State.

Size of Economy (2014-15) - The Current Economy size (State GDP) is of the order of Rs. 4.35 lakh crore (US$ 67 billion), with State GDP growth rate of 7.8% and Per Capita Income (current prices) of Rs. 1,47,076 (US$ 2,260).

Economy composition (Primary/Secondary/Tertiary Sector) - The maturity of State economy can be gauged from the fact that nearly 59% of the State's GDP is contributed by the Services Sector, about 27% by the Secondary/Industries and 14% by the Agriculture Sector.

Strategic location of the State - Haryana is also strategically located as it surrounds Delhi from three sides. The State is well connected and 4 major National Highways pass through Haryana. Nearly 57% of the State falls within the National Capital Region (NCR) and more than 66% under the influence zone of the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) project.

Rich base of Large and MSME Units - The State has about 1,670 Large and Medium Enterprises which have catalysed investments of Rs. 49,000 crore and generated employment for 3.36 lakh persons. Besides, there are around 90,000 MSMEs with total investment exceeding Rs.15,000 crore and employing more than 8.90 lakh persons.

Thrust Areas/Sectors of Investment - The Haryana Government recognizes the following thrust areas, investments in which will be accorded a higher priority. These areas would include the following:Auto, Auto Components & Light Engineering.

  • Auto, Auto Components & Light Engineering
  • Agro-based, Food Processing & Allied Industry
  • Textiles / Apparel / Knitting / Embroidery / Technical textiles
  • Footwear & Accessories
  • Electronics & IT/ITES
  • Defence and Aerospace Manufacturing
  • Renewable Energy & Solar Parks
  • Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industry

Policy Initiatives

Enterprises Promotion Policy-2015

To propel the State to the next level of growth trajectory, a path breaking "Enterprises Promotion Policy-2015" has been launched in August 2015. This Policy envisions GDP growing at a rate higher than 8%, an investment of Rs. 1 lakh crore, employment generation for more than 4 lakh persons and also to position Haryana as a pre-eminent investment destination.

The Foundation Pillars of the New Enterprises Promotion Policy are:

  • Ease of Doing business;
  • Enhancing competitiveness of the industry by reducing cost of doing business;
  • Balanced Regional Growth through geographical dispersal of industries;
  • Focus and support to the MSME Sector;
  • Implementation mechanism to ensure monitoring and implementation of policy along with the promotion, outreach, grievance redressal and constant engagement with the industry.

NIRBAADH - The 'NIRBAADH' (New Industrial Regulation by Automatic Approvals and Delegation in Haryana) Scheme has been launched which focuses on time bound approvals & clearances and self-certification & 3rd party verification. All Industry related clearances and approvals would be granted in a time bound manner under the same roof through the Haryana Enterprise Promotion Board, housed in the CM office. 31 blocks have been denoted as 'No CLU Blocks' and 75 blocks as 'Auto CLU Blocks'.

FINE - 'FINE' (Financial Incentives and No Enhancements) Scheme has also been introduced to reduce the cost of doing business through a slew of incentives and no enhancement in cost of plots allotted by HSIIDC in future. An employment generation subsidy upto Rs. 36,000/- per year would be provided to industries employing local youth.

VISTAAR - To facilitate balanced regional growth, we have introduced the 'VISTAAR' (VAT, Interest, Stamp Duty, Tax, Audit Assistance and Rating) Scheme, which provides for subsidy in VAT, Interest, Stamp Duty, Tax, Audit & Ratings. VAT subsidy upto 75% would be available to Micro, Small & Medium enterprises.

PRANETA - MSMEs are the backbone of the Industrial growth strategy of any State. The 'Make in India' programme launched by the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India also lays a great emphasis on development of the MSME Sector. Accordingly, support to MSMEs is one of the cornerstones of the new Policy. 'PRANETA' (Professionals and New Entrepreneur Tax Assistance) Scheme has been introduced with the MSMEs, both manufacturing & services, in mind. Under the Scheme, professional & technically qualified entrepreneurs would not be required to pay any State tax upto Rs. 3 crore for 3 years. Upto 25% of plots in HSIIDC industrial estates would be earmarked for identified services that support manufacturing.

Maha Nivesh Yojana - The 'Maha Nivesh Yojana' has been launched for Iconic-Ultra Mega Projects in manufacturing, Tourism, Logistics, Wholesale Markets etc. involving land of minimum 500 acres and investment of US$ 1 billion (Rs.6,000 crore). Such projects would be provided a special dispensation including customized package of incentives.

Liberalised Estate Management Procedures (EMP) – 2015

HSIIDC has been given the mandate to develop Industrial infrastructure and thereby facilitate development and growth of industry in the State of Haryana. The Corporation has developed industrial estates / IMTs throughout the State in this process. In addition to the already developed Industrial estates/ Parks/ IMTs, the HSIIDC has plans for development of Industrial Parks at various locations.

The Enterprises Promotion Policy-2015 (EPP-2015) announced by the State Government, provided that the HSIIDC would revise its Estate Management Procedure in line with the economic environment and aspirations of the industry and notify its Estate Management Procedure to be known as EMP-2015 which would address the parameters for allotment, reservation and priority in allotment of industrial plots and other related matters concerned with management of industrial estates.

In line with the policy decision of the State Government in this behalf, HSIIDC has reviewed the existing Estate Management Procedures and the revised guidelines - "Estate Management Procedures (EMP)-2015", have come into operation w.e.f. 16.10.2015.

The provisions of EMP-2015 shall be applicable to all the existing as well as future allottees of industrial plots/sheds as well as residential, group housing, commercial, institutional & industrial worker housing plots/sites, in various Industrial Estates / Industrial Model Townships (IMTs) developed by HSIIDC as well as Industries Department, Haryana, transferred to HSIIDC and shall be uniformly applicable w.e.f. 16.10.2015.